Where Innocence and Joy Reside

I found this informative and wanted to share


I really wanted to share all the sky phenomenon shown after the report. Really out of this world

Wrapped In Love

Dedicated to my beloved Aunt Mommie (Theresa) who peacefully passed away in her sleep last night. My heartbreaks. Yet so thankful it was peaceful with no suffering.

I just saw you at Christmas and you had so much fun opening your presents and being surrounded by those you loved. We watched your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies

You and Uncle Daddy were second parents to me. Now you can be together. 💔💔💔

Here’s Enya with “Only Time”😘


Reality of Journalism today

via Kp Message 3-19-19… “Supporting the Alliance… Principles before Personalities”

This video from Dr Dave Janda is full of revealing info for those unaware

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