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Sharing from dear Laura Bruno, a forgotten simple tool that is that is truly helpful

I tried to reblog with no luck. So theres more than one way to do this. Lol. This post you’ll definitely not want to miss from Laura Bruno. Heads up travelers 😁❤


Everything this wonderful soul does and creates is with beauty. She uplifts and it shows

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I really embrace what the song says in and how the artist may appear to be. This is his real life girlfriend Nova. Theyve been together for years and shes a big part of putting together his videos. Also you will see his parents. The sweetness and vulnerability touches my heart .. thank you Tom https://youtu.be/ImCq5c90hLg

This process worked very well and so simple

Sharing, many thanks from Laura and the effort she devotes to these readings

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We finish 2022 with a shift of energies and a changing worldview. In many ways, the intensity and frustration of 2022 set the stage for a much more eventful 2023. All the Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces energy, plus Mars Retrograde from October 30-January 13, 2023 make it difficult to evaluate 2022 and take action without the benefit of additional hindsight.

This need for review gets amplified by ending the year with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. Time to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Mercury remains Retrograde until January 18, 2023 when Mercury stations Direct on the same day that the Sun conjuncts Pluto. We can expect something deep and profound to arise from our retrospection, but this year ends with a backwards look and suspended animation.

For now, tend to the things you can control and influence. In some cases that might “just” mean prayer and meditation…

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