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Sharing from dear Laura. Most potent of the year

Copied from FB post dated Monday, April 3rd

Electrical upgrades are on the rise. A lot more people are going through these periods where things might not seem grounded or make much sense to you in your personal experience of yourself, of your immediate life. You literally can feel like electricity is pulsing through you more than ever before. There might be things that you want to start to include in your daily routine to help support that. Even just knowing it’s going on for you can really help the way that you manage it.

So if you’re in that phase, remember it’s a precursor to you making a very big change in your identity in the world, in your way of working in the world. And when I say a big change, I mean something that will last years, but it’s a little like timeline jumping. When you’re in an electrical upgrade, you’re literally being lifted from one way of being, and you’re hovering above your new way of being while your body gets recalibrated. So, some people experience this as awakening, and that might be how they see awakening, but the electricity on the planet for transformation is strong now.

Note from Dawn: I myself have felt the electricity moving within allot recently, at times its challenging to manage it but it’s all good

So lovely. Meaningful. Uplifting.

You are needed more now than ever❤

EARTH ANGELS step up and step forward with the knowledge and understanding of your strength of purpose and compassion.

Who’s saying that?

There’s allot of fear being promoted right now on various subjects. What shall you choose? Fear, or knowing and claiming that we live in a benevolent world, that conspires for our well being, if we choose to reflect that in our own thoughts and actions.

Will we be dancing through these times or wringing our hands worrying. Listen to your spiritual guidance and reason.

If you are unsure of where that voice is coming from, you can ask yourself if that voice is uplifting and inspiring, if so it comes from your higher power, wisdom. Listen then. If it causes fear and anxiety, it is coming from elsewhere and you wont want to be guided by that.

Let’s dance in knowing that we are surrounded with abundance and well being.

Always appreciate Lee Harris’ energy update  with all that’s happening in March he shares very supportive tips to navigate these energies.

He also shared his Mantra for March is

1. I Am Safe

2. I Am Whole

3. I Am Loved

4. I Am Free to be Me

A wonderful post for all but especially for those that are lay people where astrology is concerned.

Thank you dear Laura Bruno😘🥰

This was brought to my attention tonight. I dont know much about this man, or why they thought they had to cancel him. But if you listen to his heartfelt call for Peace between us as citizens and Russian citizens initially and then extends it to all, its very powerful and feels to be a call of intention not only personally but to all. Its 15 mins long but I feel it’s worth the time. It certainly speaks to my heart.


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