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via Kp Message 10-15-18… “Remaining ‘on Top’ within the Polarities”


This very raw and vulnerable post by my dear friend Linette took me by my heart and throat, shaking me deeply. So much of her personal story I can relate to and have experienced. The only difference for me is I actually did attempt suicide a couple of times over a two year period. Thankfully it didn’t work one of the times, the second time I was found.

Linette and I both later found Reiki that aided us in our journey to let those demons go. We had the same teacher but a number of years apart. For those that don’t understand people actually wanting to take their own life, and for those that understand all to well what it feels like, Linette’s courage in sharing her story can’t help but touch everyone who reads it. Thank you dear sweet soul


From Felix Padilla

via Allum Bokhari, Breitbart.com 10-9-18… “‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’”

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Lee shares what came through to him for October.

Rebirth, shifting out of old behaviors, some feeling greater sense of peace, friction creates opportunity to change how we do things.

Am I feeling through things or thinking through things. What feels best is the impetus

The Mama Lode

Thank you Laura♥️. I smiled at your Florence Nightingale reference and quotes. I’d rather know the truth any day than what we have been fed. My heart goes out to those that will be challenged beyond belief. I remember the initial months and years that my whole view was challenged it’s not easy, yet it was certainly worth it. Lots of love


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