Where Innocence and Joy Reside

This past week I have been aware of many  different circumstances where various animals are revealing themselves to me while I am about doing my daily thing.  It’s full of mystery, magic and a feeling of special closeness to the universe and animal kingdom whenever it happens.  I feel special when it occurs.

After I left Carmel Valley, CA and moved to Aromas, CA in March of 2009, I was still enchanted by the animal presences, and relished it, as one who awaits a beautiful, breathtaking sunset or the return of a dear loved one or friend.  Those moments are magical to me.  But once I moved to Seaside, CA and my mom moved in with me to care for her, I don’t know if I wasn’t aware as much of those encounters or that they seemed to gradually cease, maybe I just needed to focus elsewhere at the time.

I know I would consciously look each time I would go outside for my animal mentors and friends. The ones that would whisper to me secret messages by their appearances. I would know each of those moments how connected everything and everyone is in the universe.   I would know we were ONE.

Well they are back!  I It started a few months ago and has wonderfully accelerated.  I live in Sonora, CA now, I moved here May 1st. Today’s encounter came while I was walking my dog Java down to get the mail.  It was our first walk in many days due to the bad weather.  We walk up our driveway to the gravel road, then head down about a quarter-mile.  Just as we were arriving at the bank of boxes, there is a large grassy meadow off to our right with some trees scattered throughout.  It’s one of my favorite spots of the walk.  As we arrived, I see wings flapping, really large wings, from the tall grass maybe 25 yards away.  There’s a few sets of wings flapping and the more I watch, I realize I’m seeing 4 vultures flapping their wings from the ground and picking at something dead I presume.  They would take turns, then one or two would fly away and circle, then land, and then the others would follow suit.  I watched this for about 20 minutes, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a 5th vulture, but there wasn’t.

The first thought that came to me was wow, look at this and you were chosen to see this, I was transfixed.  Then the next thought, they are just being….they are being what they are, with no judgment.  To me that a was a wonderful message,  it made me smile. Then I thought, I can’t wait to get back to the house and look up vulture on my animal totem websites that I regularly go check out to see what other meanings are related to their appearances. I accomplished my mission I did get the mail, and then headed back in the sunshine feeling very loved and inclusive in the goodness of the universe and nature.

Shortly after I returned prior to getting on to the computer, i let my roommate’s dog outside and I went out with her and sat in the Adirondack chair, laid my head back,  looking directly up into the sunshine, the brilliant blue sky, the green leafy giant trees, the birds singing and flitting tree to tree, the fluffy clouds a stark white against the blue sky and what do I see? I see one vulture, flying directly overhead, circling while I was sitting there.  I thought to myself…there’s number 5!  Ever since I came to Sonora the number 5 keeps popping up in various combinations.

I will share with you the two website links to my animal spirit totem meanings and you will see what I read and what those 5 beautiful vultures just being told me.  Also will be a link for the number meanings.   You too can experience this wonderful feeling and have a wonderful conversation with our animal messengers and friends.




Comments on: "Animal Spirit Totem Messengers" (6)

  1. Cindy Duncan said:

    Love the Blog


  2. Yay! Glad to see you took the internet plunge. 🙂 Many, many blessings and much love, Laura


  3. Good Morning, Dawn!

    I enjoyed reading your post. I do want to suggest that you get to know the animals directly, that you spend time studying their behavior, and invite them into your dreams. This is often more rewarding than only reading someone else’s interpretation.

    Oddly, this morning I wrote a post about dreaming about.animals. I had also written a post about shamanism, condor, and vultures in April (http://wp.me/pCtuX-3D). I am endless grateful to the animals for showing up, and for befrinding me across the years.

    Good speed on your journey.


    • Thank you for your comment Michael. It’s funny, yesterday I was thinking just the same thing as you suggest, or at the very least mentioning something similar in my article. So I really appreciate you bringing this up. Not just for me but for those reading the article as well.

      Nothing odd for me about you posting dreaming about animals just this morning. Sounds like syncronicity to me. :O) I look forward reading and sharing your posts as well.

      Thank you for the good wishes, and I too am very grateful to the animals for sharing their wisdom and love.


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