Where Innocence and Joy Reside

I am offering Reiki II certification classes on Sunday, May 22nd from 10-6pm. I have 10 spaces available, the class will fill up quickly so if you are interested let me know soon, otherwise we can wait list you for the next class to be scheduled.

Reiki is a form of body energy work that assists in relaxation, relief of stress, processing of heavy emotions and a feeling of well being. It allows the body to relax in such a way that the bodies own natural healing mechanism can work more expeditiously and on a more effective level. Reiki is used in hospital settings as a complimentary form of healing and in conjunction with western medical practices. Reiki is also being used in hospice care to help ease pain, making the client more comfortable, as well as uplifting their spirits. Whatever your personal reason for learning Reiki, for self healing, using it with and for loved ones including those furry ones, or on your way to your own practice for others, Reiki is a wonderful resource to learn and have. Reiki can only be passed through teacher to student through an attunement process. In my practice I have activated Reiki for people as well as animals, animals love the gentle yet powerful way that Reiki acts on their bodies. If this is something that you are interested in continuing to grow and learn, I invite you to our class.

I will allocate 1-2 spaces in the class for students with hardships by reducing the fee (if this would apply to your situation we can discuss this when you contact me). I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. Class fees if paid in advance are discounted by $25.00, if paid at the time of class it is full price. I accept cash, check or credit card payment through Paypal. Please check out the website for what is covered in the Reiki II class and pricing. Feel free to contact me via my email address referenced above or my cell number 209-559-5695. Note: I recently moved to Salt Lake City from Sonora, CA,I  haven’t changed my cell # as yet. Location of the class is still to be determined depending on the size of the class.  Check fee schedule for class that you are interested in on the website.

If you feel guided to take both classes that weekend, I can offer a deeper discount. You can contact me to discuss. Blessings to each of you and thank you. Dawn Vierra RMT


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