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Reiki Soothes Wasps & Nest

We have a wasp nest that we found under a terra-cotta bowl that was turned upside down, there was a hole in the bottom that apparently the wasps had used as an entrance and exit. My roommate found it by turning the bowl over which left the wasps very upset, so much so that they chased her into the house but before she made it safely in she was stung a couple of times. After that, every time we walked passed the bowl, they would chase us, which was rather inconvenient since we had to go by the nest every time we came and went through the front door.

My roommate spoke about spraying the nest but really didn’t want to. I offered to send the nest Reiki, so that night after the sun went down I sat down in front of the nest and sent Reiki to them. While doing so I got the sense that they had been afraid of us. So I spoke to them, telling them that we meant them no harm, that they would be safe and that we had no intention of hurting them. I asked them if they would just allow us to come and go unharmed through the walkway to the front door. I got the sense they understood and agreed. This was a week ago. We have not had any incidences with them chasing us or stinging. In fact, I have hardly seen them and neither has my roommate. What a lovely resolution for all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Reiki and the universal life force energy. Thank you also to my roommate for being open to new ways of trying things!

A Lesson Learned

I wanted to share something that I learned this week, a lesson that made a big impression. It’s about walking within your Truth and being aligned in how you speak, think and act.

Where I am living, part of my contribution to my rent is being assigned household/garden tasks. I was assigned the task of spraying weed killer on “weeds” that were coming up between the rocks along the sidewalk. When I saw this as my task, my stomach sank but I said nothing and went to work at doing what I was requested to. As I sprayed this toxic “concoction” on each plant, bugs came running out from underneath, all kinds. I could see how much life lived within these plants, I saw this happen over and over with each spray, but I kept telling myself this was what I had agreed to. That was the most important thing, right…what I had agreed to do?

Once I was done, I contemplated what had taken place to my mother earth, the plant people, the creepy crawlers, the stone people and I thought to myself I had not kept my alignment as an Earthkeeper, one who walks with beauty, integrity and impeccability. The next day I could not get out of bed. I was sick to my stomach and my body wouldn’t work for me. I realized two things from this experience: how connected I now am with my mother earth and all living things, and also how I had not lived my truth, this instance showed what that meant if I wasn’t clear about it before.

I see I have changed in ways maybe I didn’t realize before but will be more aware of from this point forward. I will not put into the earth, animals, plants, air, and water, what I would not put into my own body. It shows how quietly, gently and deeply the Shamanic and Reiki Spirit has been working and how it has taken hold. The depth of connection to everything runs within me, without me even realizing how much untill now.

I was unconscious in someways about these things. I am so appreciative to be more awake now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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