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Magical Gifts – The Kindnesses of Friends & Strangers

This Christmas/Holiday season, just as you most likely did I had plans to go visit family, in particular my daughter in Portland, OR. I was driving from Salt Lake City, UT the Friday night of Christmas. My best friend and buddy Java was riding with me in the back seat, both of us looking forward to spending time with Courtney (my daughter) and her dog Judah.
At the half-way point around midnight my car stopped running. Not only did my car stop running but I had never been on this route before. I wasn’t even sure what exit I had pulled off of when the car died. I had auto club service but my cell phone had one bar left and I wasn’t sure it would work. I did have a charger but it was a wall charger. I thought….I wish I had a phone that worked. That’s when the miracles began. Shortly after that thought I heard a woman’s voice call out to me, do you need a phone? I looked over and there was a woman in an SUV offering for me to use her phone and sit in her car to keep warm till help arrived. I found out she had just gotten off work, that she was a prison guard and that she was on her way home. I was able to contact the auto club and sit in her car till the police and tow truck showed up.
As soon as the tow truck driver secured my car on his truck, I asked if there was a hotel nearby. He said there were a couple, I asked do any allow dogs, he said he didn’t know. We drove a short distance, and sure enough there were a few hotels. I popped out of the truck and ran into the closest one. The first one had a room available at a reasonable price and they did allow dogs. YAY!
From that point on I experienced continuous displays of compassion, kindness, concern, advice, tenderness, strength, fortitude, ingenuity, generosity and much more. From the hotel manager allowing me to pay my bill by check, to the taxi cab driver who said that little money I had would be enough to take me where I needed to go, to friends that came to my aid….friends that I had really only known since May of this year. One friend assisted financially, another friend contacted anyone she knew to rally her dear friends to assist (all people I had met once or not at all). And all of this is taking place on Christmas Eve day, evening and Christmas itself. These dear spirits were dropping whatever they were doing to try to help another in distress.
I was a witness to one after another reach out to help in whatever way they could including a gentleman that lived in Idaho that offered to come and pick up my car and tow it back to where I live. Another friend offered to come pick Java and I up to bring us home, which she did on Monday that was a long, long drive for her on her last holiday day off. There was another friend offering their vehicle for me to use temporarily till I could make some other arrangements. Another friend that also offered me their vehicle after the first friend that had offered a vehicle needed it back due to car problems they were experiencing. There were even more instances but you get the idea…right. Everything & everyone was working in harmony…whatever was needed, poof….someone arrived to offer that. It was the epitome of heart centeredness and how we desire the world to be all the time. I’m here to till you it is like this….here and now…..and it’s only going to grow in this direction.
Despite the fact that my journey did not happen as I had planned……..there were so many unexpected surprises, gifts and love expressed…….I saw what the Christ was all about. I saw, felt and experienced that for myself.
I have so much love, appreciation, gratitude, respect and honor for every single person that came to my aid in some fashion or another. I didn’t really even need to ask….they were simply there. Spirit knew what I needed, sent the needed angels and provided it in abundance throughout the whole experience. I am humbled and awed by the whole experience. I was truly cared for, protected and loved.
Thank you to the Universe. Thank you to each dear heart for your assistance. I will never forget this experience. I pray to be alert and present when my turn comes to be there to assistant my fellow brother or sister.

Food Donations for the Homeless in Exchange For Reiki – You’re Invited!

I sure would love to have you come by the Dancing Lotus from 4pm-9pm on Saturday, December 10th in Ogden, UT. I will be there offering Reiki Services in exchange for food donations. It’s a good way to feel uplifted on all levels. Bring enough donations, you can try various modalities offered! ~ Blessings Dawn

Posting from Dancing Lotus FB page:

Dancing Lotus-Natural Healing
Geez December 10th is a full day!!! We kick it off with a full moon workshop featuring Ali Compton and Nathaniel Dust giving some amazing insight into healing and peace of mind during the holiday craziness. Then we offer services in exchange for non perishables right after at 4pm until 9pm. Come spend the day at The Dancing Lotus and be fulfilled!!!..

Gift Certificates Now Available for Reiki and Shamanic Sessions

If you have someone who you think would benefit and enjoy a Reiki or Reiki Shamanic Session, this is the perfect gift. I have gift certificates available for the holidays, hard copy as well as a PDF that I can email for you to give. I offer local services as well as long distance sessions, including Healing Attunements. Healing attunements are wonderful if you feel that you want to move forward and you can’t quite break through to do so. It ensures that everything moves out of your way to do so. It’s a wonderful gift to receive. Reiki itself offers deep relaxation, relieves stress and makes you feel good. It’s an opportunity for the receiver to be focused completely on themselves, which we don’t always take time to do on our own. I also offer Shamanic sessions that provide chakra clearing and balancing. These are powerful techniques that create an energetic shift emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s all done at the mythic /soul level and then filters on through to the physical. I’m offering a special price for these sessions if purchased by December 24th, it’s $55.00. Normally, these types of sessions start at $75.00. You could even treat yourself or even your pet! Either way, enjoy!

Email works the best regarding your orders, devierra555@yahoo.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Munay, Dawn

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