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INSPIRED By………………………….

I wanted to take this opportunity to point out a section that you may not have noticed on this site. It’s in the lower right hand corner of this page under Blog Roll. I have begun a list of links to people that have inspired me in my life, as well as partook of the services they offered. There are many more, but these are folks that have recently been brought into my life and shared their gifts with me. I’ve listed them chronologically.

Laura Bruno – Laura taught and certified me into Reiki I, II and Reiki Master/Teacher. I remember I had searched the web for a Reiki teacher, and the minute I saw her website and what she was about, I knew she was the teacher for me, and I was thrilled when she agreed. She was the perfect teacher for me, at a time when I didn’t know where I was headed; having that foundation of Reiki expanded my heart, and my life. She also offers past life readings that are transformation, which I have had, along with right on medical intuitive readings. Her life story is inspiring. She’s a wonderful writer, amazing artist, compassionate healer, raw foodie, self studied organic gardener to name a few of her passions. I so appreciate her patience and love.

Jon Rasmussen – I first met Jon at Luminata Books & Gift Store in Monterey, CA where he was giving a talk and book signing for “Dreaming Your World Into Being” a book that he had written. I had attended because I had seen the word Shaman describing him in the advertisement and I was drawn. That meeting changed my life. After his talk, I went up to him and said I want to do what you do. He quietly smiled and shook his head yes, I can see that he said. I learned about what a Shaman is and their relevance in today’s modern world and where I could learn the teachings that he had knowledge of. I found out about The Four Winds Society and the Healing Light Body School, which I began attending last year 2011. Jon is a practicing Shaman, an incredible healer. I’ve also had a few sessions with Jon. Very powerful stuff. Check out his website to see what else he has to offer.

Stephen Bruno – I first connected with Stephen through Laura. At the time they were married. He was offering Soul Purpose readings as a holiday special for the first time in a long time. I purchase a reading and thought that it was very meaningful to me. As it turns out Stephen is also a life coach. Stephen coached me through a very difficult time when my mother was ill and I was caring for her. His compassion, generosity of spirit, wisdom, & calming presence along with his no nonsense style really gave me a base to hold onto as we navigated that period with his expertise help. Stephen is a wonderful photographer, prolific writer, and also an incredible healer. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, and the bear story. You have to hear that.

Dancing Eagle Woman – She is a wonderful friend and Sister, an incredible person and human being that I am extremely blessed to have met. We met through our studies, and she is the epitome of Earth Mother to me. She walks in stillness, beauty and strength. She is a fabulous writer and photographer, she walks her truth. I love her dearly, and cannot imagine my life without her in it. No matter where we are geographically, she will always be with me in my heart. We are Soul Sisters. She has made an impact on my life that I have no clue where it will end…..maybe it won’t.

Dean Taraborelli – Dean is my teacher at the Healing Light Body School through The Four Winds. But Dean does many other things as well. Check out the link, he does phenomenal work at The Sanctuary. Dean is my Brother. Dean is me. He’s a powerful Shaman, intense, joyful, a hoot, humble and totally committed and passionate to those he teaches. Dean teaches, but he is a wonderful example of what he teaches. He always makes times for you, your questions, or just plain nonsense. Dean has inspired me to be committed and to be passionate about my work, to walk in integrity, impeccability and truth. When he talks about our work through the school, he says there are no teachers. WE are all on the same level, brothers and sisters, on our journey together. Thank you so much Dean for what you do.

I thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life as we all continue on the journey that we begun so long ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II Certification Class

When: Saturday, February 11th, 2012 10-5pm
Where: My home (address provided once registration finalized)
Fee: $225.00 ($25 dollar discount if payment is made by January 28th)

Reiki II is about learning the three sacred symbols for activating Reiki in specific ways. You learn to draw them, see them and say their names. You learn how each can be used individually and together. You learn how the energy feels when they are activated with Reiki. You learn the many ways each symbol can be used in your healing practice. You also receive your Reiki II attunement. Once your Reiki II attunement is received, we then practice with the energy from the Reiki II attunement, combined with the sacred symbols one by one. This is done in a group setting where we practice on one another giving and receiving Reiki. The ideal group size for this class and location is 3-5 students. If you are interested in re-certification for this class, please contact me for an adjusted class fee. At completion of the class, you will receive a beautifully created certificate of completion for Reiki II. Please contact me via email devierra555@yahoo.com or 209-559-5695. I would like to speak to you either way, so if you could provide a phone number via your email, that would be helpful. If you have any questions, also feel free to contact me. Namaste. Dawn

Write About It, Talk About It, Pray About It.

A dear friend invited me to participate in Sweat Lodge ceremonies on New Year’s Day. She had an invited me before, but there always seemed to be scheduling conflicts. But not this time, this is where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing on New Year’s Day. My friend has spoken so lovingly of the people involved and what it has meant to her over the past years to be a part of this family and tradition. I wanted to experience this for myself, and I was thrilled to be there. I have never been a participant in this type of ceremony and cleansing (at least in this lifetimeJ), it was all new to me, but as I said I was very excited about it. Part of my friend’s intent in inviting me was that I had just moved to the area where I am residing a few months ago, and the sweat lodge is a few miles down the road from where I live. She thought it would be a good way for me to meet people in my community, which I agreed was a wonderful plus.
My friend explained the general process to me prior to attending, so I would have some context of what would be happening. It all sounded good and I didn’t give it a second thought. Then the Medicine Man that presides over the ceremony took me aside and spoke to me about what would go on and if for any reason I start to feel uncomfortable due to the heat, please let them know and I could leave. I shook my head yes as to confirm I understood what he was saying. I knew I would be well taken care of after our discussion. The people that have been a part of this community for some time, it’s about the cleansing & healing of the body, mind and spirit. The ceremony this day consisted of honoring all four directions, South, West, North and East. Each direction consisted of a round, with a break in between each round.
The first round after I had been in the lodge for about 15 minutes my mind started telling me I was having problems breathing due to the heat. I resisted to the heat by lying on the ground where it was cooler, but that relief only lasted a short while. I struggled with my mind; reasoning with it, knowing that the fear that was gripping me was caused by the thought that kept repeating itself. Finally I was able to concentrate on what the Medicine Man was saying. He was speaking about the breath of Spirit….anyway that’s what I heard. As I listened more it came to my thought to stop resisting the feeling of not being able to breathe but surrender to the feeling. Once I was able to do that, I became much more comfortable and relaxed, and was able to finish the first round.
Inspired by overcoming the fear of the first round, I went on into the second round. I felt comfortable the first half of the round, and then we went into quiet meditation for a time. My mind started again…..this time it was telling me I was feeling claustrophobic. As much as I tried to resist that thought, it enveloped me in the stillness of the lodge. I started to become panicked at which point I had to talk myself through till the end of the session, which I was grateful for. At that point I decided that was enough for me for the day. I had really intended on going through the whole process when I began.
I was confused by all the fear that came up for me. What was that all about? Where did it come from? I didn’t have any answers. I spoke to the Honorable, Gentle and Humble Medicine Man afterwards to let him know what had occurred. I asked him what to do because I really didn’t want fear dictating what I did or didn’t do. He said softly and powerfully, pray to the Great Spirit. Ask for help with this by taking it away from you. He said sometimes you will get an answer quickly, other times it may take longer. He also told me to write about it, talk about it and pray about it, to keep repeating this cycle until it is put to rest for me. I thanked him and told him I would see him in a couple of weeks for the next lodge.
So I ask myself maybe I am fearful of the closeness and intimacy of the lodge. Maybe I am fearful of intimate relationships? Maybe fear doesn’t want me to know myself better? In my experience, especially these past few years, whenever I’ve encountered fear….it’s tried to keep me from the very best things for me. The stronger the fear usually indicates that what direction or path I’m taking is really the best for my Soul. I don’t have the answers right now. But I hope to soon when the Great Spirit feels that I’m ready. Until then, “I’ll write about it, talk about it and pray.” AHO.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I Certification Class Scheduled

Saturday, January 28th 10-5:00pm

Location: My home (information provided at time of registration & payment)

Class Fee: $150 ($25 dollar discount available if you pay your fee by January 21st)

I am holding Sacred Space for those interested in attending Reiki I Certification Classes. A class size of approximately 5 would be ideal. If you have been drawn to learn more about Reiki, maybe now is the time for you to sign up and make this commitment to yourself for 2012, a most pivotal year. Take this time to honor yourself…your spirit, your body, your mind. Have you noticed how quickly things are moving? Have you noticed how so much is happening? Have you noticed that you have a desire to find more peace within due to all the changes taking place, internally and externally? Reiki offers you a way to increase and maintain your spiritual balance at times when things feel tenuous and chaotic.

With Reiki I you learn about the founder and history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, the lineage that you are becoming a part of, the Reiki I attunements, learning the hand positions for self treatment and the treatment of others, and finally enough practice time to feel comfortable with how Reiki feels on the giving and receiving end. The more practice you have, the more the Reiki energy strengthens for you, and the more confident you become using it. If you are interested in attending class as a new student, would like to be re-certified with Reiki I (the fee is adjusted for re-certifications), or have any questions, please contact me directly. I love connecting with potential students to see where you are at on your path and journey.

Many Blessings, Dawn! See the contact page for my email and phone number.

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