Where Innocence and Joy Reside

Saturday, January 28th 10-5:00pm

Location: My home (information provided at time of registration & payment)

Class Fee: $150 ($25 dollar discount available if you pay your fee by January 21st)

I am holding Sacred Space for those interested in attending Reiki I Certification Classes. A class size of approximately 5 would be ideal. If you have been drawn to learn more about Reiki, maybe now is the time for you to sign up and make this commitment to yourself for 2012, a most pivotal year. Take this time to honor yourself…your spirit, your body, your mind. Have you noticed how quickly things are moving? Have you noticed how so much is happening? Have you noticed that you have a desire to find more peace within due to all the changes taking place, internally and externally? Reiki offers you a way to increase and maintain your spiritual balance at times when things feel tenuous and chaotic.

With Reiki I you learn about the founder and history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, the lineage that you are becoming a part of, the Reiki I attunements, learning the hand positions for self treatment and the treatment of others, and finally enough practice time to feel comfortable with how Reiki feels on the giving and receiving end. The more practice you have, the more the Reiki energy strengthens for you, and the more confident you become using it. If you are interested in attending class as a new student, would like to be re-certified with Reiki I (the fee is adjusted for re-certifications), or have any questions, please contact me directly. I love connecting with potential students to see where you are at on your path and journey.

Many Blessings, Dawn! See the contact page for my email and phone number.


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