Where Innocence and Joy Reside

When: Saturday, February 11th, 2012 10-5pm
Where: My home (address provided once registration finalized)
Fee: $225.00 ($25 dollar discount if payment is made by January 28th)

Reiki II is about learning the three sacred symbols for activating Reiki in specific ways. You learn to draw them, see them and say their names. You learn how each can be used individually and together. You learn how the energy feels when they are activated with Reiki. You learn the many ways each symbol can be used in your healing practice. You also receive your Reiki II attunement. Once your Reiki II attunement is received, we then practice with the energy from the Reiki II attunement, combined with the sacred symbols one by one. This is done in a group setting where we practice on one another giving and receiving Reiki. The ideal group size for this class and location is 3-5 students. If you are interested in re-certification for this class, please contact me for an adjusted class fee. At completion of the class, you will receive a beautifully created certificate of completion for Reiki II. Please contact me via email devierra555@yahoo.com or 209-559-5695. I would like to speak to you either way, so if you could provide a phone number via your email, that would be helpful. If you have any questions, also feel free to contact me. Namaste. Dawn


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