Where Innocence and Joy Reside

I moved to a small town in the mountains not far from Park City at the beginning of October 2011. I love the small mountain community, the peace and pace of life there. A good friend that lives in the same town spotted a cute little bungalow for rent. As it turns out it was meant for me, and my furry family Java and Jadey. After I had moved in I noticed without giving it much thought that I didn’t want to spend much time in the back yard, nor did my animals. There was a heavy energy emanating from the yard behind my house. As it turns out it’s an empty lot used for logs brought down from the pass above my house and then the logs are chopped and stacked for firewood to be sold.
After we had been there about a month my dog Java went through a period where he was waking up in the middle of the night a number of times, needing to go outside to the bathroom, which he has never done. I would wearily get my boots and coat on to take him outside in the dark. He would go out there and then just stare out; like he could see something but when I looked I didn’t see anything. This happened numerous times and I was concerned about his well-being. He also had an upset tummy, he would throw up and diarrhea was an issue. This was extremely unusual for him. He continued eating, he would still go to the bathroom regularly, drink plenty of water but he just seemed to be disturbed by something physically and sensory wise. I started to give him Reiki treatments just before bed which he would soak up. He would sleep through the nights of his sessions, his system would balance and he would be fine. The nights I would not give him Reiki he would have the same issues and be up at night, want outside then staring out into the night scape.
I spoke to my friend who had found the house initially about what was going on with Java. She asked me if I had felt the heavy energy coming from the back of the house. I said yes I had. She suggested that Java may be very sensitive to that energy and it’s disturbing him. That made sense to me, Java is a healing dog and he is very sensitive to energy as are most animals, but he seems to have an extra sensitive way about him. I decided to go in the back and have a talk with the land and the trees after that conversation. I’m so glad I did.
As it turns out the trees that were being cut and sold for firewood were so very, very sad. They had not known why they were taken from their home, even if they had fallen down in the weather. They did not know why they were not asked if they could be taken. There was this heavy, heavy, palpable sadness that just brought tears to my eyes as we communed together. As I offered Reiki to them and they accepted, I spoke to them about how that they were not taken out of disrespect and uncaring. The way they had been taken was out of ignorance and not malice on the part of the people involved.
I explained how they were doing a great service to those that lived in the community by providing warmth to keep families homes warm and dry in the cold winter months. I continued to tell them that they provided such a gift, and that everyone was so appreciative of the heat that they radiated in the stoves and fireplaces. At that point the energy shifted, and I could sense that the wood and land understood the why now. There was a physical release on my part sensing that from them, through tears and emotion. I told them I would be there on a regular basis as new wood came to speak and share with them too, as well as offer Reiki. There was peace.
After that healing conversation and offering of Reiki to the trees, Java’s issues cleared up. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night needing to go outside, his physical symptoms have vanished. He’s back to his happy and strutting self. We truly are connected, and it was a lesson in respect and appreciation to all of Mother Earth’s creation/beings whether plant, tree, wildlife, or human. Once the trees had an explanation from the heart, it was such an easy healing transition for them into forgiveness. There was no animosity or revenge on their part either. They just craved understanding. Once that was offered along with appreciation, there was peace for them and then for all surrounding them. Thank you to Java, my friend, Reiki and most of all to those lovely fallen trees who reside behind my backyard. I will keep the conversation going. They have much to teach me.


Comments on: "Java Hears the Trees Speaking" (1)

  1. laurabruno said:

    Such an amazing testimonial to interconnectedness on all levels! Love to you, Java and the trees. xoxo


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