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Here is a related gem of a post that is a simple yet transformative action we can each take. Great idea.

Lucas 2012 Infos

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Reblog from Laura Bruno Blog…..fun and cool information on St.Gertrude and Gardening.

Laura Bruno's Blog

A couple weeks ago, David and I attended a Michiana Master Gardener’s 14th Annual Public Seminar led by Mother Earth News contributing Editor, William Woys Weaver. The topic? “Heirloom Vegetable Gardening: Cooking for the future, how to grow and use heirlooms creatively.” He gave us a virtual tour of his own gardens, where he cultivates and preserves some of the richest variety of heirloom seeds in the world.

He also shared the cultural, environmental and human survival importance of maintaining organic, non-GMO, regional, heirloom varieties, as they will save our health, local/family histories, and our food supply from the potential decimation of mono-crops and weak, genetically modified strains. We learned about superior taste and disease resistance, quirky histories of plants, his own family stories of how they came to collect heirloom varieties, and an amazing breadth of knowledge about setting up historical (yet also practical and edible) gardens. We…

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