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Celebration of Ringo – He loved Having Reiki Done for Him

I always saw a Bobcat when I looked at Him.   He was the most handsome boy I had every seen…and he captured my heart.IMG_0050

The Hopi Prophecy of the Coming 5th Age and Blue and Red Star Kachina’s

this ties in so nicely with the videos a shared on FB yesterday from Lucas 2012 and Little Grandmother……let us live from the heart.

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I have to say, I’ve been getting very, very similar messages that those who return to the ancient ways and stay connected to the Earth (i.e. “get grounded; nurture the Earth; honor your Mother”) will not be touched by the coming madness or negative changes. The Hopi prophecies are among the most ancient, and towards the end of this video you’ll find listings of some stunningly accurate predictions that history has documented. I feel a major energy shift brewing — more dramatic than I’ve felt before — so I’m sharing this extended version of the Hopi prophecies, as well as their “Four Easy Steps for Surviving the Earth Changes and All the Prophecies:

1. Keep your eyes open.
2. Let go of fear.
3. Learn all you can.
4. Live your spirituality.”

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Tom Lescher Nails It!

Wanting to share this weekly update from Tom Lescher astrologist and all around aware and awake fun guy. Thanks Laura Bruno for posting…reblogging

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One of Tom’s most important posts — ever — imho.

“When I feel run over I must take command,
And lead my forces to the promised land!

“Whoa! Time to roll up the sleeves and dig in! We’ve got a Lunar eclipse coming Friday that may just raise the hairs up on your neck. I hate cliches but when the going gets tough the tough get going and these maybe tough times for many. The tests, trials, and tribulations serve to push us out of our comfort zones and familiar stomping grounds and reach out for the NEW. Eclipses bring weird, new, possibly upsetting energies that can take some time to integrate but don’t duck and cover….. grab the horns and ride that ram……. oh yeah….. injoy…..”

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