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Sharing…I just received this week my copies of The Original Instructions by Manitonquat and Original Instructions Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future edited by Melissa Nelson with Contributions by many

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For a long time, I’ve been getting the same message R. Teichmann shares in the article below. That’s why I spend so much time studying ancient Celtic and pre-Celt wisdom and am currently also reading The Original Instructions: Reflections of an Elder on the Teachings of the Elders, Adapting Ancient Wisdom to the Twenty-First Century by Manitonquat.

Thanks to Julian Rose for posting this on his site, as well.

Learning from indigenous wisdom and knowledge– To change society a cultural revolution in activism is needed.

‘Learning from indigenous wisdom and knowledge – To change society a cultural revolution in activism is needed.’ This absorbing, original and moving article is a guest post by Rudi Teichmann of http://www.news-beacon-ireland.info I believe it confirms the feelings that many of us share. – Julian Rose

About 30 years ago I met a young woman during a train ride and we began talking. During…

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