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A Beautiful Meditation with Simrit Kaur for Protection from Radiation

Shifting Into New & Freeing, Vulnerable Processes – Powerful Insights from Matt Kahn

Had to share this one from Tanie Marie….it’s a keeper for the NOW. Lots of good information and a new perspective to what and how to navigate through all the changes.

Tania Marie

I feel this is such a powerful and worthwhile hour to listen to by spiritual teacher and intuitive healer, Matt Kahn. As always, it is up to each person to feel what is your own heart’s truth and to filter things by resonance. I only share things that resonate or reflect my own feelings and, to me, Matt so beautifully and simply expresses something that has also been on the forefront of my class teachings and contemplation, in the last 7 or so months.

It’s amazing to observe the evolution we are continually experiencing.

This weekend, while out in nature I was synchronously discussing how more and more I am being energetically turned off from much of what I once found interesting, used to use as my processes, or that come through the teachings of others that has become far too elaborate and unnecessary to my innate, childlike ways. This…

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A Parallel Universe Experience?

Sharing a really trippy experience from yesterday. I was coming out of a store to go to my car in the parking lot. As I came close to my car, I did the remote key unlock to the car door. I hopped in, put my key in the ignition and noticed something on the seat that looked out of place. It was a child’s knitted cap. I started running through my head how that could have gotten there. Then I thought I must have picked it up accidentally when I left the place where I had had Thanksgiving at. There was a 5 year old boy and that would have been about the right size. Then I noticed something else that didn’t seem to belong…I thought for a second, could I have grabbed that too without noticing? I started to feel a bit confused, and as I started to look around nothing looked the way it should. I was startled. I realized I had gotten into the wrong car. It looked exactly like mine, same color and everything and had unlocked with my remote key. I quickly exited the car, and turned around and saw my car. I was so relieved the owners hadn’t found me in their car…that would have been a funny and odd conversation to have. Right after that, the next thought was that this is what it must feel like to jump in and out of parallel universes. I think I would like a bit more training to handle that! 

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