Where Innocence and Joy Reside

This is a wonderful post via Tamia Marie and with Lee Harris’ April energy forecast. Lot of tools offered to assist in making the most of the strong energies this month. In using those tools consistently we become more centered and strong. As Lee mentions this month is about strength on many levels. Oxox

Tania Marie's Blog

This is a perfect message that resounds for me. Lee points out some key insights to help you to work through fear and find your own inner strength and center.

I’ve been talking with those close to me about how I have never felt more at peace, and aligned in inner harmony, as well as free of fears, than I am now. There is truly nothing outside of me that brings me any level of alarm or fear and I am completely at peace with anything that happens.

I’ve have not only literally created full circle closure to things in my life, but have been also having closure take place within dream time lately, which is placing a freeness in my experience that hasn’t been before.

I have released so many ideas and ways, including thoughts around dis-ease and physical death. Even what I thought to be my new spiritual…

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