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Way to go KP and all the others involved in these activations. I have been to Java on the Rock. He’s right on about the feel of the day. Hugs

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Anyone who’s visited Java on the Rock knows, there is no place like it. Especially on a day like today, no surf, no wind, you can smell the ocean and hear the birds singing. And occasionally, the mochas and lattes steaming.

The planet and its inhabitants have been through a lot the past several months. In particular, the last several days, let’s say, 10, “stuff” (energies, I suppose is better word) has been releasing, transmuting, upgrading, Turning inside out, and outside in.

I looked at Hualalai volcano the other day (yesterday) and it looked to me as if it were beaming… much more than I’d ever seen it before. Felt like she finally felt a part of “The Crew” of volcanoes here, namely Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and Hualalai. The intensity of their energies appeared much more evenly matched.

And they were working together to create a thirteenth point…

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