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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Camelopardalid Meteor Shower – 23 May 2014

Love this post by Gillian Mac-Beth Louthan. We are Star Beings 🙂 afterall.

Lucas 2012 Infos

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell folks here we go again getting seeded from deep space with a brand new meteor storm first time ever for earth. As we all well know meteors are all from different parts of the universe. They are older than time and always have an agenda. Last year meteorites were found in the Sahara desert that were from Mars, when cut open they had  life in them. I totally believe that these space rocks come to give us something that we must need.

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July is an Incredible Time to Share Bimini with You – Free Crystals AND Signed Prints & Reiki for Next 3 People Joining

This to me is such a special opportunity to seize on so many levels. I’m compelled to share here

Tania Marie

tania-marie-biminiThe love in my heart is building every day. Oh yes! It DOES continually grow, deepen, and expand. That’s my truth, not some imagined experience or one shared to sound the way I think I’m supposed to sound.

I was just in conversation with a dear friend that had me doing a quick life/soul reflection on everything and the beauty of all challenges I’ve experienced. They didn’t seem so nice at the time, but I’ve come now to welcome each challenge because I know the value that is latent within it. It doesn’t mean there aren’t the ups and downs, but they don’t last, they aren’t as debilitating, and they move through quite quickly, sometimes instantly because I am more familiar with my center and personal frequency.

As I prepare for our upcoming retreat in July, tuning in to the energy and the experience I will be sharing and helping…

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We Need to Feel – Integration is Key to Opening You Up to You

Feelings will lead us into healing and blessings as long as we allow them to. Love, love, love this post from Tania Marie and the accompanying picture.

Tania Marie

The Inner Child by Lisabelle The Inner Child by Lisabelle

When we become more conscious of how reflections of our emotional charges are mirrored, and how we project behaviors through our reactions of such, we can then begin to feel without attachment and conditions, supporting integration to take place. 

It’s an important part of integration to start making our feelings friends, rather than enemies, so that we can get better at feeling and embracing the full spectrum of these feelings, not just the feel-good ones.

Allow the answers to come from within, as they ARE there. It’s just that we don’t engage the wisdom we embody.

This is not a mental process, nor is it a physical one – alone. Although these will support the emotional journey that is crucial to take. Many teachings leave out excavation into the depths of our emotional abyss and I believe it is here that we will find…

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Riptides and the Emotional Guidance Scale

Love this post by Laura Bruno from yesterday. I know many of us are experiencing the intense energies and will continue to do so. Lot’s of good info here!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Ever go swimming in the ocean and get caught by the current called a “riptide”? The past week’s energies have been so strong, so tumultuous, that I know many — myself included — have felt pulled out to sea in a swirling tug of imminent destruction. Then, just as mysteriously, the waves can swallow and spit us out on a deserted island paradise, under the sand, or on an unrecognizably tranformed coastline. I’ve felt this more than once in the past week, especially Friday and Saturday, although the waves and slate gray seas have been building for awhile.

In my own life, today marks the 16th anniversary of my brain injury — and the time leading up to that felt similarly intense and Fated. Something powerful loomed — something with the strength to reroute an entire lifetime of focus and determination. I could swim as carefully as I liked, but…

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Protecting Yourself from Lyme Disease

Had to share this post from Laura Bruno’s blog. Having lived in various areas that are particularly prone to ticks and Lyme Disease I think this is such a fantastic helpful article.

Laura Bruno's Blog

In the Northern Hemisphere we’ve entered the Lyme time of year — when ticks connect to skin, transmitting all manner of unpleasant parasites, spirochetes and protozoa. I have so many clients suffering from or who recently recovered from Chronic Lyme Disease, and I know that people grow afraid to spend any time in Nature, lest they encounter another tick. Unfortunately, most Lyme folks really need the grounding that Nature provides, and living in fear of Nature does nothing to heal the disease or bring joy to life.

I’ve had some ongoing conversations both locally and on the popular Healing Lyme Disease post of this blog. I’ve shared with people that before I go into the woods, I affirm that I am of different vibration than Lyme Disease and that ticks cannot get near me. Since I began doing this last year, I’ve not had any ticks on me, even when…

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Vegan Tattoos – Things to Consider if You’d Like an Animal Friendly Tattoo

Such good information here from Tania Marie’s post. I didn’t realize what she is sharing here. I know many of us are vegan or converting gradually over. Thank you Tania for doing your research and sharing it with the rest of us!

Tania Marie

james spooner and me James Spooner and me at Monocle Tattoo in Los Angeles

This is a good short article that highlights the things to consider if you are vegan and wanting to get a tattoo. I didn’t become aware of this when I first became vegan, about 9 years ago, and I think likely a lot of people probably aren’t either.

But if you’re considering a tattoo, or adding to your current ones, and you feel strongly about making ethically and/or spiritually aligned choices about your lifestyle in all ways, then here are some inside facts on inks and aftercare products, as well as a list of some big-city establishments where you can find vegan tattoo artists. The list includes James Spooner whom I’ve referred local clients to here that are wanting vegan tattoos, as well as have had work done by him.

Yes, You’re Vegan, But Your Tattoo Probably Isn’t

And if…

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