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Such good information here from Tania Marie’s post. I didn’t realize what she is sharing here. I know many of us are vegan or converting gradually over. Thank you Tania for doing your research and sharing it with the rest of us!

Tania Marie's Blog

james spooner and me James Spooner and me at Monocle Tattoo in Los Angeles

This is a good short article that highlights the things to consider if you are vegan and wanting to get a tattoo. I didn’t become aware of this when I first became vegan, about 9 years ago, and I think likely a lot of people probably aren’t either.

But if you’re considering a tattoo, or adding to your current ones, and you feel strongly about making ethically and/or spiritually aligned choices about your lifestyle in all ways, then here are some inside facts on inks and aftercare products, as well as a list of some big-city establishments where you can find vegan tattoo artists. The list includes James Spooner whom I’ve referred local clients to here that are wanting vegan tattoos, as well as have had work done by him.

Yes, You’re Vegan, But Your Tattoo Probably Isn’t

And if…

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