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Feelings will lead us into healing and blessings as long as we allow them to. Love, love, love this post from Tania Marie and the accompanying picture.

Tania Marie's Blog

The Inner Child by Lisabelle The Inner Child by Lisabelle

When we become more conscious of how reflections of our emotional charges are mirrored, and how we project behaviors through our reactions of such, we can then begin to feel without attachment and conditions, supporting integration to take place. 

It’s an important part of integration to start making our feelings friends, rather than enemies, so that we can get better at feeling and embracing the full spectrum of these feelings, not just the feel-good ones.

Allow the answers to come from within, as they ARE there. It’s just that we don’t engage the wisdom we embody.

This is not a mental process, nor is it a physical one – alone. Although these will support the emotional journey that is crucial to take. Many teachings leave out excavation into the depths of our emotional abyss and I believe it is here that we will find…

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Comments on: "We Need to Feel – Integration is Key to Opening You Up to You" (1)

  1. thank you dawn. love you bunches ❤


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