Where Innocence and Joy Reside

This to me is such a special opportunity to seize on so many levels. I’m compelled to share here

Tania Marie

tania-marie-biminiThe love in my heart is building every day. Oh yes! It DOES continually grow, deepen, and expand. That’s my truth, not some imagined experience or one shared to sound the way I think I’m supposed to sound.

I was just in conversation with a dear friend that had me doing a quick life/soul reflection on everything and the beauty of all challenges I’ve experienced. They didn’t seem so nice at the time, but I’ve come now to welcome each challenge because I know the value that is latent within it. It doesn’t mean there aren’t the ups and downs, but they don’t last, they aren’t as debilitating, and they move through quite quickly, sometimes instantly because I am more familiar with my center and personal frequency.

As I prepare for our upcoming retreat in July, tuning in to the energy and the experience I will be sharing and helping…

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  1. thank you dawn ❤


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