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A must share on this precious plant that Tania Marie lovingly shares with us. To touch this plant is like rubbing velvety ears between your fingers

Tania Marie

lambs ear2Every day is a wonderful day to celebrate Nature. I’m preparing for a day out hiking and beaching it, as it’s been a long week and some Earth connective time is in store for relaxing and balancing.

Last evening I hosted a Reiki share vegan potluck at my house and it was such a beautifully connective time for tuning in. Great food, friends, and some awesome energetic breakthroughs. It was also really wonderful to support my friend’s niece to understand that she could channel her own natural healing energy, even though she wasn’t Reiki attuned. So I guided her with that and she was a natural, just as suspected. Those hands of hers heated right up. 😉

I also got to share our sanctuary garden and my beloved Lamb’s Ear plant with everyone.

That’s what I wanted to share about today, is this sweet plant that I had no idea…

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