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At the end of this month, I will be jumping in Prairie (the name of my Honda Element) with Java and Jadey, pulling my U-haul trailer with my belongings headed to the Sedona area to begin a new adventure. Actually the adventure began the week of my 60th birthday, when I decided on the day of my birthday to give notice at work and make this life change again. Moving from Utah to Arizona.

I’ve been keeping mum about it mostly because I wanted to allow it to breathe in sacred space as I was co-creating what was to come. Like a baby incubating in its mother’s womb.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am a bit of a gypsy. In fact I am celebrating that essence of myself and embracing it now.

I had visited the area where I am moving to in February to see a dear friend, my medicine sister Annette. She had moved to Arizona awhile ago from Utah. I had been meaning to visit before then but timing had not been right for either of us.

I had a wonderful time when I went to visit, spending time with my dear friend reconnecting in a way that in person only satisfies. I had four days off, it took a day each way to drive there from where I am in Utah. So we had two full days of fun. She shared with me many of the places and things that she thought I would enjoy…which I absolutely did. Thank you Annette!

I came home, pulled into my driveway and realized I had left “home”. I had no idea till then that I even felt that way. I simply thought I had a great time. The area where I am moving is not a place I would have chosen to live in my own mind. In my heart, my favorite place on earth is the beach and especially the coast of California….near the redwood trees where I grew up. The temperature is moderate and the fog comes in every evening and leaves mid morning. It’s dreamy and magical to me.

I have lived in a number of areas that have been very different from my first love. I lived in the Atlanta area, that is very humid and hot in the spring/summer time…but has lush foliage and magnified scents. I loved the thunder and lightning storms along with the snows in winter. Yes it does snow a couple of times in the metro Atlanta area each year, that surprised me. My favorite time of year there was fall. Living in central California, I had never experienced the fall leaves transition that was displayed on so many hardwood trees as I did there. It was glorious. Each year I anticipated the beauty and magic of that time. Spring was all about the dogwood trees blooming, along with the wisteria and honeysuckle. Then the magnolia blossoms would burst forth as well in a spectacular display of white in contrast to their huge waxy green leaves.

While living in Georgia I also had a place on Tybee Island, GA, it was on the beach where the mouth of the river drains into the Atlantic Ocean, very close to Savannah, which I absolutely adored. I spent many days riding my beach cruiser around town to and from my home on the island. Once I drove down there from the Atlanta area, I would get out of my car completely. I would maneuver around walking or on my bike, I loved it! The wind would howl there like crazy at different times of the years. It was very dramatic and what I felt was passionate weather.

I spent a year in Hawaii on the Big Island, on the coast of Kailua-Kona back in the mid 70’s. It was a memorable year that I will never forget. I worked in a gift shop at one of the hotels, which was right on the water. I saw that beautiful ocean every day I was there. The dolphins and the whales, I would see on a daily basis….it was magical.

I spent a year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California living in the small town of Sonora. It was a very healing place for me, I moved there and shared a house with my dear friend from high school Cindy. I came there after caring for my mom for a year when she was ill, then she moved down to southern California where my sister cared for her till she passed away the following year.

Where we lived was off a side road called Hidden Valley. It was so magical to me. There was a house off of the road in this small community that we lived in that had peacocks that would roam freely down the road to the house where we lived. I had never seen a peacock in person, never mind hearing their almost cat-like otherworldly sounds. In the winter to spring time they would lose their feathers so as we would take walks each day, you would find all these glorious feathers. I found so many I had vases of them throughout the house. What treasures they were. I still have them. There were also deer everywhere….my totem animal. I could sit there and just watch them almost any time of day. We were surrounded by evergreen trees and some hardwoods. There were all sorts of flowers planted in the yard. Lots of snow in the winter. Hummingbirds of all colors floating over the humming bird feeder that Cindy had right outside the dining room window…loved watching those Lil guys. Lots and lots of turkey vultures. Sometimes I would see them in groupings so large it would look like the ground was throbbing as they beat their wings. Powerful stuff.

Being born and raised in California, I have lived in many different places within Northern and Central California as well.

I have found beauty, blessings, wisdom, challenges and lessons in each place I have lived. I have found teachers and friends as well.

Now after a little over three years, I am leaving Utah. Utah has been so challenging for me in these three years. Yet it has brought many blessings. I am thankful for those challenges as I have come out the other end of them. The biggest challenge was last year in dealing with my health and well-being. But during that year when I had to keep still, rest, be good to myself and be alone so much…it helped me in so many ways. I made it through stronger and wiser. I’m ready to go forward on my journey. I had come to Utah to take classes at The Four Winds Healing Light Body School. When I came, I had put my stuff in storage in California not knowing what would happen when I came here. I went through the South and the West classes of the Medicine Wheel portion of the HLB school in Park City. Then the North and East classes took place in Joshua Tree, CA. It took about a year and a half for me to complete those classes. Then the following year was when I went through my health crisis. I know it was all connected, allowing all that within that needed to be purged and let go, to have that opportunity to do so. Thankfully I listened.

So here I go on my new adventure much stronger and open to the possibility of possibilities. Java and Jadey are my constant beloved companions, my immediate family so to speak and I am so grateful they are with me. I’m going “home” to the place that has been calling me back since I left in February. I just found out on Friday that we do have a new place to move into to call home when we get there. I’m really excited about it because it has so much more room than where we have been living the last few years. Java has a huge fenced in yard. There is a place for a garden for me to plant, and I’ll have to see if I can do beekeeping there…one of my dreams to have bee hives. There are some fruit trees, rose bushes and hardwood trees surrounding our house. I have an extra room to make my meditation room/office as well as a place for family/friends when they come to visit.

As of now, I look forward with calm yet lovely anticipation on what will unfold there.

Loving and embracing the journey. Thank you Utah for the lessons you taught me, the experiences I had and the people whom I met. You have changed me forever.


Comments on: "The New Adventure Begins ~ The Gypsy Within" (2)

  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us dawn. i love this and i am so excited for you and the adventure ahead. like you, i like to keep quiet about things myself before i make changes, to let it all percolate and anchor in without anyone’s energy mingling with it. wishing you so much love as you begin this new leg of your journey. safe travels to you and the little ones. i’m potentially looking at sedona in the early part of year, so i’ll let you know!! lots of love to you xoox!! yay!!


  2. Hi Tania! You are so welcome. I knew you would understand about the percolating. I appreciate the love and good thoughts. That would be awesome to have you come in January! Yes please do, I would love to see you…something to look forward to again! love to you as well!


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