Where Innocence and Joy Reside

While walking Java this morning before work, I had an interesting experience with birds, one I have never had before. A whole group of them came flying right past me, so fast and furious were they flying and their wings were beating that I could only relate it to a feathered jet going by, almost like a sound barrier being broken with bird wings and speed. I couldn’t make out what kind of birds they were, but I could have sworn it sounded like humming birds wings and that whiirrrr that they make but multiplied by 20-25 birds. They flew right past my left ear and they were coming from the north, heading south. It stopped me in my tracks. In about a week, I will be on my “journey” from the north to the south with my move to Arizona. I am following where my soul is calling me to go, it’s all so natural. I wonder if they were wishing me well on my journey.



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