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Walking Java this morning as goes our routine, it’s so beautifully clear, blue skies and mild temps. It’s a morning stroll that starts off our day, we are receiving exercise, fresh air, nature and we enjoy the time together, and of course the practical aspects for Java of being able to do “his business”.

We just mosey along, Java stopping at his favorite pit stops to sniff and make sure that everything is in its proper place. I swear, if ANY thing is moved (even the slightest) he knows, or if some thing is added to his environment and/or taken away, again he notices. He is so aware. I just appreciate him so much.

Another trait that Java has that I really appreciate is another aspect of his awareness. He always knows when people, bikes, etc are within his radar. It’s a fairly large area that his radar covers. Whatever he notices can be half a block away behind us and I don’t hear a thing. He on the other hand starts to look back as we are walking. That is always a sure sign that Java is signaling something in the vicinity that isn’t normally there. WARNING Will Robinson, WARNING. I always think about that we he starts that behavior, it was the robot from the old TV show when I was a kid, called Lost In Space that used to say that to the young boy that was his friend. So I am so appreciative of his protective instincts. I know that when Java is with me, I will not be surprised by some unexpected presence.

We were just about home when I noticed something on the sidewalk. The young girl that was walking in front of us by about half a block, stopped and looked at what was on the sidewalk for awhile and then went on walking. I didn’t have my glasses on and Java wasn’t signaling his alert behavior. But I could sense it was a bird and as we got closer I could see that it was a bird. Java still was not noticing it.

I felt that something was wrong with the bird but I had concerns about coming too close to the little feathered guy with Java even on his leash. Just as we were a couple of feet away, I saw the bird attempt to fly away. It didn’t really work for him. but he did get about 5 more feet away from the sidewalk. I noticed his one wing looked really ruffled. Still no reaction from Java. It was like he didn’t see the bird, or did but knew he needed help.

I watched the bird and he managed to get up to the white picket fence not far from us…I was relieved because I thought at least he will feel safe there. I decided to send him Reiki, I called in the Reiki intending it for the little bird’s highest good. I also explained to the bird in my thought that I wanted to help him, I sent him pictures in my head of how I would do that and that I hoped he would let me. I told him that I was sending him Reiki and it was up to him whether or not he wanted to accept it. I respected him and his body.

I began the Reiki and he just stayed on the fence. Java didn’t really budge, he was very peaceful and quiet. Java loves Reiki and any time I begin a Reiki session whether for him or someone else, in person or long distance he immediately just relaxes and goes to sleep, absorbing whatever he can. As I continued Reiki for our bird companion and friend, I started to feel really nauseated and my stomach was turning, I felt off balance. I realized i was picking up on how the bird was feeling. So I just kept the Reiki up till the nausea went away for me. That tells me it went away for him as well.

Java then started becoming impatient and decided it was time for us to go. So that was a signal to me that I had done what I could for the little bird. The bird was still on the fence but he shook himself and his feather/wing was laying normal now. Before it looked really ruffled up prior. I had the sense that when I car had driven by in the neighborhood, it had clipped the bird, causing stress and possibly hurting his wing. I had the sense that he was fine now. Before we left I told the bird thank you for letting me help him, and that to take time on the fence till he felt well enough to leave.

Java and I went on our way home. I appreciate Java and his sensitivity to me and other living things. I love you bud! I also feel extremely blessed to have been able to help our feather friend in his need. Much love to all spirits, and here’s to helping whenever we can when presented with an opportunity to do so.

Have a great rest of your day!

Here’s Java Man

My best buddy Java

My best buddy Java


Comments on: "The Blessings Of Java’s Awareness and Sensitivity – An Opportunity to Aid a Feathered Friend with Reiki" (2)

  1. love this, you, and java! thank you both for helping the little bird. xoox!


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