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as always, great info for supporting you through the month of September. Thank you Lee Harris and thank you Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

This is so right on, as usual! Lee gives important reminders about energy management — especially for empaths, intuitives and other sensitives during these chaotic times. The only thing I would change would be in his recommended exercise …

Always remember an exercise I gave a while ago. Imagine yourself in a cylinder. You can do this on a train, you can do this when you’re with people. Just for a few minutes imagine you are in a complete cylinder that goes a few feet down into the ground and thousands of feet up into the sky.

… instead of going just “a few feet down into the ground,” feel free to anchor yourself very deeply into the Earth. Doing so will ground you so that you can reach those “thousands of feet up into the sky.” Some people already expand upwards, and they’re really needing more of a downward…

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