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The Child In Us

such a lovely post by Tania Marie. This is something I’ve been working with all within my self. Tania is spot on.

Tania Marie

child in us Painting: The Child In Us by Tania Marie ~ Shares Porcupine’s wisdom of innocence, renewed sense of wonder, and trust in Spirit. (Prints and original available here: http://taniamarie.com/gallery1.htm)

Inner child work has always been a powerful seed “key” to creating change. And when done with unconditionally loving courage, can be the impetus for empowering yourself in unlimited ways.

We all have a child within that is in need of our loving acceptance. No matter how strong and self-reliant you think you are, there is a time for tender vulnerability in everyone’s journey that is needed to cultivate a garden that your child-like heart can creatively and expansively blossom in. This will provide astounding results in your current experience and with all that you intend.

As adults we carry with us false beliefs from the past that as children we learned to believe. A lot of that includes the things that…

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