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“Falling” into the Grace of You – Welcome Autumn Equinox

today is all things autumn from some of my favorite blogs. here is the third share from Tania Marie …..beautiful.

Tania Marie

pema chodron

There is indeed a continuum of increasing shifts and transitions taking place for everyone on so many levels, which brings us yet again to another seasonal transformation, both within and without.

Yes, Autumn is upon us, and that heads us toward a period of less “light out there” so that we find the source of true “light in here” – within you. This is a time to make friends with your own inner darkness and nurturing it, as this engaged healing integration is vital for soul growth.

It is time to face your shadow! To mingle intimately with it and immerse in its gooey depths. To face your darkest fears and retrieve back into you all of the projections and separation created, so that you can transmute it through the alchemy of your heart.

You can no longer – the collective can no longer – function without this integration taking…

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Summer Kisses Autumn

One more Autumn reference today. Summer Kisses Autumn by Cnawan Fahey Delicious.

Ethereal Nature


Embrace this transition

and all those that follow

there is a beauty to behold

there is a grace that is granted

in every season of life

we need only adopt our vision

and the rhythm of our dance

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Happy Equinox!

sharing this lovely post from Laura Bruno on the fall equinox….pretty incredible pictures set to music to enchant! Thank you Laura Hugs

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy Spring to my friends and readers Down Under, and Happy Autumnal Equinox to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. I’ve been so busy doing very Mabon-like things — harvesting, drying, canning, freezing, making sun tea, and cooking a vegan mung bean stew in the SunOven. So busy, in fact, that even though I scheduled today off for myself, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down long enough to write a blog post. It’s a short one at that. Here’s a lovely music video I found to celebrate the Fall season, before I head outside to turn the SunOven and move masses of mulch. Wishing you all a beautiful, transformative day! Blessings and love … Laura

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