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I couldn’t resist sharing this post by Tania Marie. I adore peacocks and lived in a rural neighborhood in northern Cslifornia tha had peacocks roaming all around. Love their medicine. Thank you sweet Tania

Tania Marie's Blog

peacock in flight by Nonnie Saran 2010 Peacock in flight by Nonnie Saran 2010

With the Equinox and Libra New Moon energies abound, heralding potential big energy shifts that will reveal to us a beauty, creative potential, and inspiration through transmutation we have yet to know and experience, these magickal images felt reflective of that energy.

Stefan Cruysberghs Photo by Stefan Cruysberghs

If you have never seen a peacock in flight, I think you’ll agree from the images that these ethereal birds are truly reminiscent of mythical creatures when they spread their wings and fly.

panoramio.com Source: panoramio.com

From elegant, Earthly being, majestically and gracefully reigning over the gardens of life, they transform into an other-worldly, Phoenix-like creature soaring magickally through the limitless sky of opportunities.

Peacock flying on rice field, at Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. Image taken on 12th November 2012, by Haribabu Pasupathy Peacock flying on rice field at Karaikudi, Tamilnadu by Haribabu Pasup, 2012

Peacocks symbolize many things including integrity, the beauty we can achieve through showing our authentic colors, guidance, protection, holiness, nobility, vibrancy, help on…

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