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The choice is a ours to make. I made a voice this past week that pushed my balance. By doing so each moment of the day I checked in with myself if I was okay and what did I feel like doing next. Did I need a break. Did I want to continue. Did I want to do something different. Made a big difference for me in how I managed it all energetically. Then the body, spirit and mind would be in Sync. Thank you Tania. Oxox

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the key to a healthy life is a holistic balance in all aspects of our lives.

The key to a healthy life is a holistic balance in all aspects of our lives.

There will be times when you get pulled off center and times when you choose to explore off center, but as long as you know your home frequency, you will always be able to return after the experiential journey.

The pendulum may swing, but the intensity and duration of the swing is determined by you.


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  1. you’re welcome. that’s awesome dawn!! good for you taking control like that to support yourself. ❤


    • Morning Tania, thank you!🐬🐋 I know it’s crucial to do that in the times we are in. And moving forward as well. I learned the hard way that I need to do that. Then support myself we meditation, the right kinds of foods that I know help me including plenty of rest and fluids, ever some essential oils and flower essences. We each finds what works for us. Then we adjust even that through each situation. Such a important post you did.

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