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Sharing. Laura has put into a very thoughtful post things that I ha e been contemplating and seeing as well. There are a tremendous amount of people I come in contact with daily that are in pain and their lives are falling apart. The landscape is changing drastically for them and the rest of us. I have experienced a number of dark night of the soul transformations. As painful and frightening as they can be I wouldn’t change a thing about how my life has expanded each day. It’s a creative choice that changes consciously moment by moment. It is LIFE. I embrace it all. The good, bad and ugly. Whatever comes, I hope to enjoy and make it better each day. Great post Laura. Thank you

Laura Bruno's Blog

Due to some recent questions via private email, I felt led to clarify a few points in today’s blog post. Most of the people I encounter are, in fact, experiencing evidence of positive trajectories in their lives. Clients, friends, family members … so many of them have recently broken through previous barriers or show signs of imminent release from old bonds and limitations. I see this, feel this and celebrate the shifts. Yet I also realize when talking to friends who have “regular jobs” in “the real world,” that the slice of humanity I encounter on a daily basis represents a relatively small, unusually conscious, highly creative, and determined segment of this world. I have great hope for humanity in that I see and hear — daily — evidence of people stepping into their power, growing their own organic foods, creating spaces for others to shine their creativity, finding alternatives…

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