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I love this post b Tania. Absolutely love it. Happy Birthday Joy!! You both are so dear and touch my heart. Touch so many of us. Such a heartfelt pure love and understanding of these precious creatures and the meaning brought to her life. Love the pics of you as a you girl with your white male bunny. They are precious. And love the pictures of them all and the impacts of each. Oxox

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rabbit - CopyLast weekend while walking theย San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, three rabbits ran across the path directly ahead of me. Two of them were little cottontail rabbits and the third was a much larger rabbit, in comparison, pictured here in the images I captured.

The first two scurried a long more quickly, although hesitated in the bushes for me to have an eye-to-eye, but the third, larger rabbit, lingered to connect more intentfully.

There was something about seeing three and how two were smaller, but seemed equal in energy, and the third was the largest and seemed to embody not only a bigger energy, but one that brought all of their energy together and held its space with very present wholeness.

rabbit4 - Copy

I love the energy of three and its integrative, creative power.

rabbit6 - CopyThree also symbolizes growth, magick, intuition, expression, versatility, pure joy of creativity, celebration, Goddess energy connected and reflective of theโ€ฆ

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  1. thank you dearly sweet friend for such loving words. we are both so appreciative of having you in our lives and that you understand and share so much of what we experience. love you!

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