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Chalice Well

sharing the magic that exists in the world at this time and for many years before and many after. thank you Laura…..sure enjoyed the swing and the well.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve waited to post this video until I felt people might really need to experience the World Peace Gardens. What better time than mid-Mercury Retrograde as the world careens towards WW3? You can feel the healing and restorative energies of the well moving through you as you follow Laura’s camera through the gardens. She notes “lots of faery sightings here,” and invites us all to “Join me on a little tour of the beautiful and tranquil Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury on Christmas Eve. A place of peace, healing and much magick…”

Peace within, peace without. As below, so above.

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“This is What Fearlessness Looks Like – Confronting Kissinger and McCain

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Laura Bruno – Is Reality About To Remake “Reality TV”? – 29 January 2015

Read. Watch. Listen. Decide

Lucas 2012 Infos


Ann’s comments are probably not any easier to read for spiritual tourists than this new reality series will be for fashionista’s to watch. For anyone reading the accompanying history of US intervention in Cambodia, who still has daydreams about BRICS and Putin being saviors, I would remind everyone that Putin considers Henry Kissinger a personal friend — one he dines with privately in the US and to whom he has personally given an achievement award. Lest the West has forgotten what an ogre old Heinz is, perhaps some Cambodians can give us a refresher course. May healing, liberation and discernment prevail.

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Silliness Creates Magick!

Silliness and laughter are so underrated…..thank you Tania Marie!

Tania Marie

beach joy Me jumping for joy at Crystal Cove

I’m my own best friend, keeping myself in daily amusement and entertainment…laughing out loud, talking to myself, making up funny skits and dances, and guiding myself by gentle hand through the ups and downs of life.

As much fun as I have on my own and with my animal companions and imagination, it’s definitely a treat to share the fun and laughs with a friend who mirrors the same deliriously silly shenanigans and yet can also carry a conscious conversation.

I got a surprise message from one such friend (Lynne – you may remember her as my banana cohort) was arriving in town a few weeks ago and so we were able to share in a fun day while she was visiting on Friday – Friday Fun Day!lynne and tania

We spent a perfect day eating at a favorite vegan restaurant for lunch, then grounding…

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5 Tips to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

So appreciate Lauara BuRunoff sharing this post of yours Amanda. Being a perfect student of perfectionism in my past and still transitioning that energy I applaud your tips with deep gratitude

NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Baby Formula Is Loaded With GMOs – Avoid These Brands – 25 January 2015

Lucas 2012 Infos

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) A petition is circulating to persuade three of the top infant formula brands in the U.S. — Abbott Laboratories (Similac), Mead Johnson Nutrition (Enfamil) and Nestle (Gerber Good Start) — to stop using genetically modified (GM) ingredients in their baby products. Each of these powdered formulas is loaded with corn and soy byproducts, along with sugar, which means they are more than likely GM in nature and harming children.

Several years ago, Natural News warned our readers about these dangerous food products for infants, focusing specifically on Similac’s “Go & Grow” formula. The product, which is marketed for babies aged 9 to 24 months, claims it contains “balanced nutrition for older babies.” But as we pointed out, the product is nearly half composed of corn syrup solids (sugar), with the remaining 50-or-so percent composed of soybean oil, soy protein isolate, safflower oil and more sugar in the form of…

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