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Garden Fresh in January

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Some people have inquired if David and I still have garden produce now that we’ve officially entered winter. Indeed, we do! Yesterday afternoon I harvested a bunch of kale, chard, collards and spinach, and our Fairy Tale Pumpkins have continued to ripen indoors. I had planted carrots all over the place as part of a beneficial bugs cover crop mixture, so we’ve also got white carrots galore, which I harvest whenever desired. Below, you can see the Fairy Tale Pumpkin we cut and steamed last night, along with a carrot and the greens:

pumpkin greens and carrot

Part of the steamed pumpkin will go to the freezer, but last night we made a curried coconut pumpkin soup with adzuki beans, celery, homegrown dehydrated and powdered kale, and homegrown carrots. Super yum! We’ll enjoy leftovers later this week. The night before, we used some green tomato salsa I had canned in Fall 2013 — as…

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