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Spreading the Rabbit Love

My gear sweet friend Tania Marie posted a heartfelt and joyful experience that her love of bunnies is leading her on. Is tone who loves any animal can relate to her sharing. Thank you for the big warm smile in my liver Tania

Tania Marie

One of the things I promised myself for this year was to shift my schedule so that I could do more personal things that are the essence of who I am and my passions, in addition to the things I share in love and service. So that means creating more and more efficiency in my life, restructuring, and streamlining.

And one of those essence passions of mine is rabbits – likely no surprise for anyone who knows me.

So it was important to me to be around them and BOTH give and receive love, magick, nurturing, and gifts from and to them.

Of course I do already have a sweet bunny love, Joy (I adopted her from Save A Bunny in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California), who is my heart and soul, and I energetically support rabbits, but I knew the time was now to do even…

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