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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul Febr. 10th – 11 February 2015

Speaks to me and will to many others. Love Tom’s mantra for this week. Whether we are keeping it together or falling apart try to create a space of beauty, joy and grace to stay in. He speaks of how the last 3 weeks of mercury retrograde are over now. It’s been tough with communcications and computers and other electronics just going completely haywire. Glad it’s behind us for now. Thank you Tom. Sure appreciate the laughs too.

Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on 10 February 2015  by Tom Lescher Sometimes I keep it together, Sometimes I fall apart,
If I stay in a space of grace and joy, My life becomes living art.
This week can be the culmination of the two year Mars cycle as he is joined by Venus in the final degrees of Pisces. You may already be feeling the energy building for new creative projects, relationships, or dreams you are about to begin. Just be sure to wrap up the loose ends and resolve the past to clean the slate for your new beginning! Injoy

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