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Love Trees

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Thanks to Julianne Reynolds of Romanski Films, who took this fabulous tree photo on Bainbridge Island. For those who don’t know, Julianne makes documentaries honoring and celebrating the Sacred Feminine. She’s a woman worth keeping an eye on, and how can you not love someone with such an eye and heart for trees?

Photo by Julianne Reynolds Photo by Julianne Reynolds

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In Honor of Ireland… “Traditional Irish Prayer”

Had to share these wishes

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This was sent to me by Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., who found it’s message and music very touching, for this day, as did I. Aloha Kp

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Astrologer Jessica Murray: How to view, and be present with, the climactic energies of March, 2015.

A very sobering and thoughtful post. Can we face the death. The impending death that is coming upon us. In doing so we can become very powerful in altering our choices for our futures

Here You Are

the time is always right, at this very moment……embrace it, feel into it. thank you dear Tania for your post

Tania Marie

You ask when is the right time and what do you need to do to prepare?

And I say you were always ready, but you just didn’t remember to embody that knowing, exactly as you are now.

When you do, you align synchronously with the rhythm and flow of energy and will move fluidly with “timeliness”.

There is nothing to prepare.

I believe all of the preparation is already taking place energetically simply through one’s desire to show up with conscious awareness in their life…like an activation unfolding, ignited by every synchronous and intentful presence of experience accountably engaged.

I always feel that when a person acknowledges this presence, they show up and embrace the journey – what ever that may be relative to each, and however that naturally unfolds (beyond contrived and distorted directives).

Here and now, here you ARE.

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Julian Rose ~ The Reengineering of Life — and How to Prevent It

something to think about. are we walking our talk. thank you Laura Bruno for this post on your blog from Julian Rose.

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I agree with Julian about taking your money out of the corrupt system and reinvesting it into something that serves life, that supports the kind of world you wish to see in the world. I found this essay particularly interesting because it’s not just theory. As Julian shares, he was born into the “elite,” and so has legitimate insider knowledge of how the self-appointed “leaders” think and operate. Julian also walks his talk — he has already removed his money from the system and invested into a variety of projects that are, as his book title says, “In Defense of Life.” If you’d love to see change but are still locked into the old control system and hypocritically speaking of change while making no moves towards it, then this article will get you thinking of new possibilities for alignment.

‘The Reengineering of Life – and How to Prevent It’


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March Updates & Upcoming Events

Sharing some amazing, creative and profound upcoming events from Tania Marie

Tania Marie

If you don’t receive my newsletter, here is a breakdown of the upcoming things to keep in mind and heart that I shared in my March update, which included some other thoughts I always add to each month’s energetic theme that comes through.

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While this month steadily and quickly rolls along in these sped up times of all things merging and manifesting incredibly fast, here are some of the things going on currently and to look forward to and join, if your own emerald heart calls:

  • I will be away again March 11th – 22nd in Peru and unavailable and offline until I return
  • Friday, April 3rd ~ Crystal Magick Workshop in Costa Mesa, CA 9am – 6pm
  • Sunday, April 12th ~ Reiki 1 & 2 Accelerated Workshop in Costa Mesa, CA 9am…

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New McDonald

had to post this one Laura….loved how the kids told it like it was and how the want to see it was even better! so simply done but what a statement.

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As Whitney Houston said, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” In addition to these children’s adorable performance, I very much enjoyed watching the adults in the audience. Methinks some dinner table discussion may have changed after watching this rendition of the classic children’s song. Well done! (Thanks, Sophia!)

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