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On Anniversary of Oil Disaster, Obama Pushing More Offshore Drilling

Laura says it all here. So agree

Laura Bruno's Blog

In contrast to sacred wells, we’ve also got oil wells. Apparently, it’s not enough to have two of the three oceans surrounding the US poisoned; we’ve got to go for all three. But wait! Maybe it’s only about the money. After all, it wasn’t just Hallliburton who “cleaned up” after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Via a BP Oil stocks dump, Obama made $85 million from the Gulf Coast oil “spill.” Not a bad return on investment — if you value money more than clean water. If you have Vanguard funds, please consider divesting and place your money into companies that support life instead of Monsanto and milking the disasters they receive news of ahead of time. You can’t eat money; nor can you drink it.

From the Center for Biological Diversity newsletter:

On Anniversary of Oil Disaster, Obama Pushing More Offshore Drilling

Deepwater Horizon oil spillMonday marks the fifth anniversary of the…

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Tipping the Value Scales Within Our Current Monetary Framework ~ This Shift Has Hit the Fan

Sharing this important post from Tania Marie. This is a post that speaks to my headset as I know it will to many.

Tania Marie

An interesting little shift click took place this week that was beyond an individual experience, but truly spoke to something collective that is and has been happening.

It touches on a topic I expound upon a lot in my workshops, as it comes up often as a challenging one for most people and it’s that of money, creating your passion as your life’s work, energy exchanges, and helping to create a new paradigm that supports all the visions and ideals you have, have been working towards manifesting, and have invested your time learning about intellectually for the path of work that you are choosing.

So, this week I had to take a little time out of my work flow to focus on getting my taxes done. Yes, that usually dreaded thing that comes up for us all, and yet while I don’t believe in taxes, and don’t buy into the…

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Reclaiming the Wise Woman

had to share via post by Laura Bruno from Sharon Blackie

The Great Turning

We can make the difference one at a time. Enough of us. Beautiful sharing Thank you Collete And to Laura for her reposting with comment

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture, Lush AbundanceWe are at a transformational moment in human history.

This is the Great Turning.

This is a whole mindset of understanding that we are part of a living planet.

Rosehips at bealtaine Cottage permaculture In contrast to the Industrial Revolution, we are understanding that the sustainability of the Earth has been brought to the brink of utter destruction by our mindless greed.

Bealtaine Cottage December Permaculture pondWe need new ways of living and holding the land intact for future generations.

These ways must become deeply rooted in our newly acquired belief systems.

The primary belief being that we understand who we are in time.

That we are part of the Earth, and the Universe.

That we are one.

November Bealtaine Cottage permaculture pondFor the past eleven years, the transformation of one small part of the Earth, from impoverished land to living abundance, has taken place here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Missy at Bealtaine CottageAll who have made the journey here have been impacted by the energy that…

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