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In contrast to sacred wells, we’ve also got oil wells. Apparently, it’s not enough to have two of the three oceans surrounding the US poisoned; we’ve got to go for all three. But wait! Maybe it’s only about the money. After all, it wasn’t just Hallliburton who “cleaned up” after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Via a BP Oil stocks dump, Obama made $85 million from the Gulf Coast oil “spill.” Not a bad return on investment — if you value money more than clean water. If you have Vanguard funds, please consider divesting and place your money into companies that support life instead of Monsanto and milking the disasters they receive news of ahead of time. You can’t eat money; nor can you drink it.

From the Center for Biological Diversity newsletter:

On Anniversary of Oil Disaster, Obama Pushing More Offshore Drilling

Deepwater Horizon oil spillMonday marks the fifth anniversary of the…

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