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Very Potent Crystal Elixirs Still Available ~ Plus My Experiences/Powerful Dreams So Far With These

I must share this post by Tania Marie. I love how she details her experiences in her dreams and how they relate to what is unfolding in her life. She allows the messages to support, inspire and direct her as well as expand her vision. Thank you for this beautiful share. Oxox

Tania Marie

crystal elixir alchemy

Monday I was feeling like quite the witchy alchemist measuring, mixing, blending, pouring, preparing, and activating the magickal Crystal elixirs after their potent weekend immersed in the garden with the Full Moon Eclipse, Easter, Elemental, Cosmic, and Solar Energies.

After a bunch of orders (a few including double and quadruple orders), I still have a lot of elixir to go around, so if you’re still interested in one of these powerful blends, you can still order them.

They are available in both dropper or spray bottle form. I’m creating some for my upcoming Crystal Magick Workshop and the two Crystal talks I’m doing at Chapman University too.

Yes, I guess I went a little Crystal elixir crazy, but I can’t help myself. 🙂 I created quite the large witch’s brew batch of each.

I thought the last Crystal elixir was potent, and it WAS, but these are something else.


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A worthwhile. Valuable post on resentment. Great questions to ask ourselves. Clarity on what resentment is.

Profane Light

“When you resent a man, you become his slave. He wrecks your meals, destroys your peace of mind and stalks you everywhere. He is with you when you’re awake and invades your dreams when you sleep. He’s beside you when you’re at work and goes along on your vacations. He might even steal your last moment of consciousness before you die…” – Anonymous

Resentment is a feeling of bitter indignation for having been treated unfairly, a judgment that others have hurt us or fucked us over or haven’t done enough for us. It arises because anger isn’t expressed and discharged directly, as an immediate emotional-energetic response to some event that is happening in the present. When the energy of anger remains bottled up, it keeps re-feeding on itself, or regurgitating, and turns into resentment. That is the root of the word resent, to re-feel the original pain without discharging or…

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A key source clues me in on TPP code of silence

Shari g. Quite the abomination we have going on

The Organic Effect

Sharing. See what happens

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thanks to Kieron for reminding me to post this short, simple and demonstrative video:

“Want to know what happens in your body when you switch from eating conventional food to organic? Watch this! The study was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL, and the full report is available here: https://www.coop.se/organiceffect”

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Timothy Glenn ~ Earth Retrograde


Laura Bruno's Blog

Here’s a timely one from my friend, Astrologer Timothy Glenn. I could provide a very long, twisty, turn-y, ouch-y, shaking my head and laughing intro about just how right he is, but if you’re living on planet Earth right now, you can probably provide your own synchronous intro. Happy New Moon, Happy Mercury Retrograde, and Happy Earth Retrograde!

Earth Retrograde

As we move into the Mercury retrograde of May 2015, people can now have something to “blame” for their wild and sundry symptoms of transmutation syndrome. For more than a week, a surprising number of folks have been saying things like, “It’s because of the retrograde.” Somewhere along the line, someone heard that we had entered the shadow (or foreshadow) of the Mercury retrograde, so this could now be designated as the cause of all the incidents happening outside the box of their suddenly antiquated interpretations of life.

Apparently, it…

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9th Birthday Celebrations for Cosmo & New Moon/MercuryRetrograde Reflections

Love and hugs to Cosmo on his birthday. You are so precious, loving, vulnerable and brave. You have touched my life through the reports and updates by your sweet mommie Tania Marie. You know how to be. Oxox

Tania Marie

cosmo Cosmo cozy on the bed last night with me after I got home – he reminds me of Bambi as a little fawn laying so sweetly in the thicket.

According to some paperwork I have from when I adopted Cosmo, his records indicate that today, nine years ago was his day of birth. Happy Birthday Cosmo!

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon in Earthy Taurus takes place tonight May 17th/May 18th and brings the element of love into focus, as well as grounding with Mother Earth for harmony, restoration, and balance.

How perfect is that for sweet Cosmo?!

Mercury Retrograde also kicks in at nearly the same time as the New Moon and will last through June 11th.

Going within and loving yourself and all else as a reflection of that is the key here.

Not to mention it’s a time for taking things lightly, having humor, and…

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Good News on the TPP

Lets keep up the good work

Laura Bruno's Blog

It seems all the awareness raising and protesting of this secretive, destructive “free trade” treaty known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has paid off. Yesterday, Senate Democrats gave Obama the no-go on Fast Track, which means at least a slow down of the march towards complete corporate tyranny. We need to continue to hold people accountable, but those who say it’s not worth raising your voice at all because “the fix is in” would do well to recognize that what we choose does matter. When we demand change in a peaceful, yet relentless way, things do shift.

I’ve no doubt the corporations and this Monsanto-and-big bank-friendly Administration have contingency plans in the works for such a significant setback; however, the failure to obtain Fast Track for the TPP has thrown a major monkey wrench into the speed of corporate takeover of every aspect of our lives, including national, state…

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May 2015 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

Sharing from Tania Marie’s blog post. Lee Harris’ May energy forecast

Tania Marie

Here’s Lee with May’s Energy Forecast – his final broadcast from Boulder, Colorado before his San Francisco move – that shares about the need for personal attention to support your heightened sensitivities right now.

What do you need to support yourself? Make sure to monitor your energy and how you’re creating balance with what you need…enough space…enough tribe/community…enough quiet and nature…enough connection. You would do good to monitor yourself and be extra present to these energy fluctuations.

Your own inner needs are essential to have met.

Don’t try to be positive or to leave your dark side at home….be authentic…be present….communicate what you’re feeling  both the difficult and easy…be you!

Giving people a headline of where you’re at so others understand you more helps both the non-sensitive and sensitive to have a clearer connection to the energy you’re feeling. This doesn’t mean to give all the details of your life…

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Nature Inspirations

Thank you sweet Tania for sharing and bringing us along on your super magical hike. I can spot so many lovely surprises in your photos. Oxox

Tania Marie

lake arrowheadYesterday, we ventured out to to look at something exciting – more on that another time – but while out this particular way it felt like a great opportunity to get some different nature time in. We just so happened to be near Lake Arrowhead so the lake and mountain forests it was!

After checking out Lake Arrowhead I discovered that Lake Gregory, which was just a bit away from it, had a really nice 2.5 mile trail around the perimeter of the lake and that was really what we were going for. Lake Arrowhead, while lovely, is a private lake so there’s only a small area you can actually be by the lake where the village is.lake22

So after checking it out and also venturing a little off-road into a forested area, Lake Gregory it was. And so happy we did, as it truly is a beautiful area and…

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