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Thank you sweet Tania for sharing and bringing us along on your super magical hike. I can spot so many lovely surprises in your photos. Oxox

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lake arrowheadYesterday, we ventured out to to look at something exciting – more on that another time – but while out this particular way it felt like a great opportunity to get some different nature time in. We just so happened to be near Lake Arrowhead so the lake and mountain forests it was!

After checking out Lake Arrowhead I discovered that Lake Gregory, which was just a bit away from it, had a really nice 2.5 mile trail around the perimeter of the lake and that was really what we were going for. Lake Arrowhead, while lovely, is a private lake so there’s only a small area you can actually be by the lake where the village is.lake22

So after checking it out and also venturing a little off-road into a forested area, Lake Gregory it was. And so happy we did, as it truly is a beautiful area and…

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  1. you’re so welcome. i’m glad you also enjoyed them. it is truly a beautiful place. really loved it there.

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