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I must share this post by Tania Marie. I love how she details her experiences in her dreams and how they relate to what is unfolding in her life. She allows the messages to support, inspire and direct her as well as expand her vision. Thank you for this beautiful share. Oxox

Tania Marie's Blog

crystal elixir alchemy

Monday I was feeling like quite the witchy alchemist measuring, mixing, blending, pouring, preparing, and activating the magickal Crystal elixirs after their potent weekend immersed in the garden with the Full Moon Eclipse, Easter, Elemental, Cosmic, and Solar Energies.

After a bunch of orders (a few including double and quadruple orders), I still have a lot of elixir to go around, so if you’re still interested in one of these powerful blends, you can still order them.

They are available in both dropper or spray bottle form. I’m creating some for my upcoming Crystal Magick Workshop and the two Crystal talks I’m doing at Chapman University too.

Yes, I guess I went a little Crystal elixir crazy, but I can’t help myself. 🙂 I created quite the large witch’s brew batch of each.

I thought the last Crystal elixir was potent, and it WAS, but these are something else.


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