Where Innocence and Joy Reside

I’m sharing this in the hopes many will watch this documentary which is only 10 mins long and check out the accompanying links. I hope you feel compelled in whatever resonates with you to take action. Thank you Laura Bruno for sharing this with us. Oxox

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’m so proud of my friend, filmmaker Mitch Mattraw, who’s been working long and hard on this 10-minute “action alert” film documenting the military’s abhorrent plans for Olympic National Park and Forest. This is surreal and almost incomprehensible, like in Avatar when the military decides to go after the Sacred Tree. I knew the proposed situation was bad, but I had no idea just how thoroughly the Navy plans to attack this area. Please watch and take action as you feel led. This goes beyond noise pollution; it’s a direct assault on Nature Herself and on all the residents and visitors who honor the pristine beauty and harmony in one of fewer and fewer natural cathedrals in our world. IMHO, this is an overt spiritual battle, even beyond slaughtering the buffalo. I honestly don’t even have words, but that’s OK. The video speaks for itself.

Here’s the article that broke…

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