Where Innocence and Joy Reside

Each day I am gifted abundantly. Today was no exception. Today’s gifts from the universe…

Dove down feather 8.15.15


I had another small dove down feather appear, it feels angelic. My angels are around me, that’s the sense I had. made my heart smile, along with the smile on my face.




I then encountered a lady bug, just some of the meanings of lady bug as a totem are as follows from


What spoke to me about lady bug was this:

“Higher Goals and new heights are possible with a Ladybug totem. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about.”

After attending the Gathering of the Healers in Window Rock, AZ last weekend I have definitely felt a shift personally to step onto my path of intention.  I felt very inspired and ready to be seen as well as heard.  I’m open and aware, of what is presenting itself.



The third encounter was with a road runner. I have seen road runner over the last month 3 times now and the meaning that rings true for me is from this blog:


“Metaphysical Roadrunner……….Roadrunner represents quick thinking, being able to shift dimensions easily, and being able to switch directions quickly. ”  I had recently had a discussion with a dear friend about how I was finding it challenging and at times jarring to shift dimensions.  Road runner is here to help support me in doing so.  I know it is coming up for me more and more.   I also appreciate the reminder regarding quick thinking and being able to shift directions quickly.  I also feel that very keenly.

Thank you for the messages, I am open to seeing and hearing what comes my way on my path. I thank all the creatures in nature, the 2 leggeds, the 4 leggeds, the finned, the feathered and the creepy crawlies in teaching and supporting me as I journey on.

I also thank and appreciate my 4 legged animal companions and teachers Java and Jadey for loving me unconditionally, for the patience, their kindness and their companionship.   They enrich my life in unimaginable ways.  I love them dearly.


Comments on: "Abundance of messages, support and guidance" (2)

  1. a lot of wonderful things opening for you! exciting ❤


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