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Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Posted October 19, 2015
by Laura Bruno
hanks to L

Just a quick heads up that CERN (the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland) is supposedly set to power up to its highest level ever sometime this week. Interestingly, the “future” date in the “Back to the Future” movie series just happens to be 10/21/2015. Coincidence? Maybe, but you can find a lot of 9/11 predictive programming in those films, too.

In any case, people who’ve read my article, “Alternative Views and Considerations about CERN,”know that I hold less apocalyptic views about this project than many others do. While I do not in any way endorse the hubris of scientists recklessly messing around with powers they don’t understand, failing to take responsibility for whatever they might unleash in this or other dimensions, ever the practical mystic, I pay attention to such fire ups, as individuals can use focus to…

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