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Conformity – Courage


When judgment appears along with jeers created is pain in dark domain. ~~~~~ This post arose after I was harshly criticized and judged recently by a group of people for using social media to promote my work.  Because I now have a new cellphone and am using Instagram, what was said by some was shocking […]


I am reblogging this post from Amy Rose.  I admire and support those that are co-creating their world to look and feel where they are now.  People who do this are courageous and usually have come through some really dark times to get where they are. I would love to see all of us be supportive of this process because it’s proof for all of us to see that it works. And that we can do it too. I celebrate you Amy.  Go for it!!!

When is a terrorist group not a terrorist group? by Peter Eyre

Hypocrisy. Where does it end

On The Wings Of Peace

This was reblogged on Litebeing Chronicles. Sharing this concept of sending peace around the world. Thank you Maskednative.com

Masked Native

Mike's card for world peace0002

During the 1980’s, Mike Bryant created a Peace card. He hoped that by sending it to friends and relatives, they would sign it and re-post, and a chain of Peace would spread around the world. I have to admit that I never got around to sending on the card. I wish I had, but as Mother Earth heaves with sadness, and her people are drowning in sorrow and grief, I offer this Peace chain, to join with other Peace chains along the way. With today’s technology words travel further and faster. Taking up the sword is not the answer. Peace is the answer.

hummingbird circled

Image of world globe from original card by Mike Bryant

Wings of Peace is author’s own.

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Dr. Starfield’s revelations: shock of shocks

Does not surprise me. Yet there are still a large majority that will defend the medical community as well as the FDA. The medical community has maintained a stance the any other types of treatments for whatever ails you is dangerous. Not so. Be informed. Don’t blindly follow and believe everything you are told. Even if you hear it again and again Just because someone says so. And seemingly in authority doesn’t make it true. Use the reasoning that the creator gave you along with your intuition. Hugs

Zen Gardner ~ Prince Charlie and the Climate Factory

If you care about our world and climate change then this is a must read. Thank you Laura

Ancestors, Culture and Identity: What I Learned in the Menno Ghetto


Laura Bruno's Blog

Soooo, here’s a little confession that might surprise some people: much of my increased interest in pre-Christian European heritage and ancestors has stemmed from living in such a hugely Amish and Mennonite area. Despite living near a factory and train line, I still hear the clippity clop of Amish horse and buggies at least a few times per week, even while sitting on our futon. Our farmers market has Amish vendors. Our credit union has a horse manure bin, and the local Walmart, ALDI and Menard’s all have buggy parking.

I’ve traded recipes, kefir grains and plant cuttings with an Amish family, and I have a(n Amish) 5-pointed star on my garden trellis facing the street, which means when the 9+ family bicycle outings of Amish ride by, they always wave. Indeed, we share an interest in gardening and protection magic, although I’m sure they’d use different words to describe…

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A Couple of VTs… “Are US Congress people Finally Saying, ‘Enough is Enough’?” (and did Rand Paul actually use the word “Bullshit”?)

Three TPP Videos

Educate yourself and others about TPP. The ramifications if passed are like nothing we have seen or lived with before.

Laura Bruno's Blog

If you don’t yet know why TPP is one of, if not the, biggest challenge(s) we currently face, please educate yourself and others:

Once you’ve educated yourself, please take action. Call Congress. Sign online petitions. Mention TPP in public conversations. Pick an angle the TPP affects (pretty much every area of life) and use that angle to educate people in a way they’ll care about.

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Petition… “Remove the Heavy Equipment from Mauna Kea Summit”


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