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Just today, I received an email encouraging me to get the flu vaccine, which resulted in me promptly unsubscribing from their newsletter.

In a post from November 4, The Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther) shares this tragic story, along with links to both a crowdfund for the little girl’s family and the mainstream media spin of this “unusual” case. In the same articles describing the post vaccine paralysis, they’re encouraging everyone to roll up their sleeve for the jab.

Those of you in California, Florida and Connecticut, please give your lawmakers an earful about this case and the Orwellian attempts to mandate vaccines for all children. (And adults, if BigPharma and their propagandists have their way.) How many children need to get polio in India, how many little girls need to become paralyzed, how many children need to develop autism, and how many teens need to die from Gardasil before people…

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