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During these times of turbulence, chaos and uncertainty here are some wonderful suggestions by my awesome Reiki teacher and friend Laura Bruno At least they are actions you can take that are not only practical but reassuring and feeding your spirit. Saturday I listened to the last mantra by Tina Turner throughout the day. I even started my Reiki class with it. It helped tremendously. Enjoy and thanks so much Laura

Laura Bruno's Blog

Continuing with the past few days’ questions of how to deal with “The French 9/11” and all the attacks right now from seemingly every angle of life, I’ve collated a few other articles, videos, and inspiration to help people find a balance between “pie in the sky” “magical thinking” and paralyzing fear or utter despair. Some of these pieces include more practical information about preparedness, situational awareness and following your intuition. Others include reminders and techniques to keep your vibration warm, loving, ready, and empowered.

I’m not recommending any single one or all of these pieces, but offering them as starting points for your own consideration. Having the courage to assess your own situation and to make your own decisions holds far more value than having anyone tell you what you “need” to do. That said, having the very basics of preparations on hand just makes good sense! If the…

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