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Sharing some music medicine from Sophia’s-children

Sophia's Children

Music, inspiration, vision, and dream — and other domains of The Muses — are very much in sync with the Neptune archetype. The discipline to put those inspirations into action syncs with Saturn.

So it’s fitting to share a bit of Music Medicine and other Muse Foods here and there in honor of the Saturn-Neptune Square that’s part of our archetypal-energy atmosphere for the coming year.

For this Music Medicine moment-of-pause, here’s The Way You Dream, from 1 Giant Leap, and featuring Michael Stipe, Asha Bhosle, and Tim Booth, among others.

You’ll see both Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces represented by this one. Can you guess how?

Speaking of inspiration, Muses, and other Saturn-Neptune themes …

Don’t miss the Holiday & New Year special offerings for inspiration, vision, and Believing Mirror partnering — you’ll find them on the Special Offers page.

Big Love (also very Neptune-in-Pisces),

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Comments on: "Music Medicine for Saturn-Neptune: The Way You Dream" (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing the Music Medicine, Dawn. The 1 Giant Leap music project is really inspiring, so I was glad to share that particular youtube. Blessings, Jamie

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