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This post about Redwoods is dear to my heart. Not only do I have a great appreciation for all trees in general I grew up in the coastal redwoods of Northern California. They surrounded our home. They were not the giant redwoods north of us but redwoods just the same. There is something extremely special about these trees. Growing up amongst them was growing up amidst an enchanted forest. Thank you Tania for this reminder. Hugs

Tania Marie's Blog

Giant Sequoias are amazingly resilient trees, know the alchemy of transmutation, and impart great wisdom.

Learning about these trees from a park ranger and “listening” while in the presence of these incredible beings in Sequoia National Park was truly a gift.

To learn a little about how they use the power of fire and demonstrate the balance of Nature, please visit this link:

Fire and the Giant Sequoia

sequoia wisdom

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