Where Innocence and Joy Reside

These Moments

Such a thoughtful and deeply tenderly share from my very special friend Tania. I connect with it all. These type of moments. Really nothing compares with it. Sweetness and purity as well as innocence changes our worlds.

Tania Marie's Blog

are everything to me.

So many of the experiences I’ve chosen to follow recently, in response to guidance received, embody all the things I find important in life, teach me those things, and draw forth, as well as deepen them for me.

Of course that’s to go without saying this includes my relationship with my rabbit companions and their presence in my life.

I’ve mentioned before how they consciously assist me on a daily basis, and I them.

Yet, it is in the moments where I sit in silence with them, giving and receiving, that simply are the key to everything for me.

They remind me of who I am and what the core essence of my existence and individual expression are.IMG_20151206_201019124

Nothing else matters that is going on anywhere and especially not anything that may have been bothering me in any way before that moment.

I know the innocence…

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