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Love is Wonderful

It sure is. Such a sweet post. There is nothing like love. 😘

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I think the photo speaks for itself.

There are no limits to love and there are no boundaries to how love can express itself in our lives and the healing power it has.

Love is part of every experience and every contact we make with others, animals, plants, the Earth, and Cosmos.

Just because you can’t see it currently in your experience, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

You may simply have attachments, expectations, temporarily deflated sense of worthiness, conditioned blinders, and limiting ideas about how you want to have love express in your life – all of which cloud your ability to know it is available at any moment you choose to give and receive it.


These two little love bunnies made their way to me this week as a sweet surprise gift from a special friend (thank you Dawn!), with a lovely little story behind it.

For those…

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